about our story

The company "Lepert" is a center of jewelry and decorative-applied arts. Here a group of professionals have been creating a product inspired by modernity and history for almost 30 years.



The company is a complex service center. All procedures are performed in Georgia, in one workshop, starting from the creation of graphic design to item modeling-molding and engraving.

"Lepert" products are distinguished by high quality,

original design and aesthetic value. We have been successfully cooperating with both private and state companies as well as well-known designers for years. Products The company "Lepert" offers you a wide selection of products. These include:

• Jewelry - rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches, including accessories similar to archeological specimens

• Souvenirs - small and miniature sculptures, anniversary, gifts for special dates and corporate gifts, holiday decorations

• Brand attributes - logos, symbolic prizes, medals, badges

• Religious items - candles, cups, wreaths

Products are made according to standard or exclusive designs. Mainly 4 types of materials are used: gold, silver, bronze and copper. Gemstones and marble details are used for decoration. The products are presented as a separate work, as well as thematic compositions. The collections are constantly updated in line with modern trends.

Receiving and making an order

The company "Lepert" takes each order individually, therefore, the execution period is determined individually according to the complexity and volume of the order.